LED Disco Car Ashtray

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AshOur Disco Ashtray is the perfect car accessory for smokers. The LED ashtray lights up in a variety of colors while containing ash and cigarette butts until you can safely empty. It’s made of flame retardant materials and features a smoke screen to contain odors and keep your car smelling fresh.


Fitting most car cup holders and air vents, this ashtray will always be in reach when needed.

Its airtight cylindrical container absorbs smoke and prevents ash spillage.  

With illuminating LED lights that activate upon opening, ashing in the dark becomes much easier and cleaner.

Made of heat-resistant rigid plastic for durability and easy cleaning

Easy to use,equipped with clips for air vent attachments, durable and portable, this ashtray is perfect for travel and keep your vehicle clean at any time.

Ideal for placement in most car cup holders

Dimensions:  16 x 7 cm (6.3" x 2.8")

Color:  Silver

LED:  Colorful