F*ck Cancer Cuff Beanie Hats Custom Thread Colors

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This beanie is dope af any time of the year!  Make your beanie custom and choose your thread colors!  Want glow-in-the-dark?  Just expose the F*ck Cancer to light and watch it glow-in-the-dark when the lights are out!  See the thread chart color in the pictures.  Get your marijuana inspired 420 stoner gear here!

Looking for a different beanie color?  Check out our catalog sportswearcollection.com/420MileHigh -> in the search box type SP12 -> enter and from here you can view all available cuff beanie colors.

Email us for cuff beanie color availability:  sales@420milehigh.com

Choose your thread colors!

  1. 1 thread color for FCK
  2. 1 thread color for Weed Leaf
  3. 1 thread color for Caner

**please indicate for each color if it is glow-in-the-dark (yes or no)**

Any of our embroidery products we can customize for you and your favorite color!

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Heather Charcoal is 80/20 polyester/ acrylic
  • 12" knit
  • Adjustable cuff, shown as 3"