Digitize My Logo for Mid Size Items 4-7 Inches

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Got a business?  Are you looking for employee gift ideas?  Do you need to supply your employees with some business logo gear?  Do you have a store that you want to sell your logo custom items in?  If your answer is yes to at least one or all questions then look no further!  We have you covered!

Mid-size digitization is great for canvas bags, pillow cases, towels and more!

We will be getting in touch with you to ask questions about your vision of your logo and how many colors you would like to see, and maybe a few more questions before we digitize your logo to perfection!

Here's what we need you to do:

FIRST - Upload and purchase the digitization for mid-size items 4-7".  This is a one time fee for this size of file. (As long as your logo design does not change) 

This is non-refundable! 

**smaller items such as left chest or caps and larger items such as jackets need digitized files that are comparable to size and with that comes different pricing**please be sure you are selecting the correct digitization pricing.

NEXT - shop our catalog for your items to be embroidered on. 

The digitization process will take up to 2-3 business days.  Once your file is completed, we will sample run the embroidery and send you a picture for your approval.  Additional charges for design edits.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions:  sales@420MileHigh.com

Check out our catalog:




**Digitized files will be used for your order items only.  We may use pictures of your items for marketing uses only.  We do not share your files!  You will not receive a copy of your digitized file.  This is our work and our use only.