Cannabis Bud Plant Canvas Wall Art For Living Room Hemp Home Decor 5 Pieces

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Cannabis Bud Plant Canvas Wall Art For Living Room or Bedroom Hemp Home Decor 5 Pieces.  This Modern Piece Of Weed Art Is Priceless!


We have 2 options—With Frame (AS SHOWN) Or No Frame.

With Frame (As Shown):  Means the painting has been stretched on wood frame, ready to hang!

No Frame:  No Frame means canvas only!  Will be rolled to ship.

Painting:  The size is for each piece, and there is 3cm (1.1 inch) of White border on each piece, each side.

 Note:  1 set = 5 PCS

 Size 1:  

20x35 cm (x 2pcs), 20x45 cm (x 2pcs), 20x55 cm (x 1pc)

8x14 in. (x 2pcs), 8x18 in. (x 2pcs), 8x22 in (x 1 pc)

 Size 2:  

30x50 cm (x 2pcs), 30x70 cm (x 2pcs), 30x80 cm (x 1 pc) 

12x20 in. (x 2pcs), 12x28 in. (x 2pcs), 12x32 in. (x 1pc)

 Size 3:  

40x60 cm (x 2pcs), 40x80 cm (x 2pcs), 40x100 cm (x 1pc) 

16x24 in. (x 2pcs), 16x32 in. (x2 pcs), 16x40 in. (x 1pc)


10x15 cm (x 2pcs), 10x20 cm (x 2pcs), 10x25 cm (x 1pc)   

4x6 in. (x 2pcs), 4x8 in. (x 2pcs), 4x10 in. (x 1pc)