Winner's List

New!  Starting in January 2019:  at the end of every month 420 Mile High will draw one lucky customer to receive an item FREE of store choice!  Could be any of our custom design weed apparel or marijuana accessories.  All we ask is to please review your product!  420 Mile High appreciates each and everyone of our stoner customers!  This is just one way of saying "thank you!"


January 2019            D. Preston            California            Bracelet

February 2019          A. Fletcher            Texas                  T-Shirt

March 2019              G. Niederwerfer     New York           Old School Bucket Hat

April 2019                 A. Holliday             Kansas               Necklace

May 2019                 S. Erickson            Californina          Flat Weed Stash Pouch

June 2019                D. McElrath           S. Carolina          Mug

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