Free The Weed LED Round Neon Sign Choose Your Color

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Dress Your Wall To Impress!  Free The Weed Round Neon Sign.  Show Your Love For The Marijuana Plant!  Your Choice Of Color:  Green, Blue, Red, Or Multi-Color.  Round 25 cm Diameter (9.8 in.)  


Transparent Acrylic, LED Neon Sign with Electric Cord, and On/Off Switch (*Round 25 cm/9.8" Diameter Version does NOT have on/off switch).  Cord wire is 4' for single color, and 7' for multi-color sign.  Carved by the latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies - attractive in all directions.  Life span of LED lights approx.100,000 hours.  INDOOR USE ONLY.  110v-240v.  3-5w. Multi-color has remote control with 20+ colors to choose in one sign.  20 static colors, 19 dynamic modes, 256-Grade PWM.  Speed and brightness adjustable, card type remote, ultra slim design, demo mode, and auto save function.  

*3v CR2025 battery NOT INCLUDED due to shipping constraints*