Working Pot: Why Sativa Makes the Bad Chores Better

Marijuana for energy -

Working Pot: Why Sativa Makes the Bad Chores Better

Working Pot: Why Sativa Makes the Bad Chores Better

Working Pot: How to Use Marijuana For Energy

How to use marijuana for energy. It doesn't just get you high, it can be a productivity tool.

Marijuana has been burdened with a number of untrue stereotypes. One of those stereotypes, probably the best-known, is that marijuana makes users lazy. 

We've all seen a million images and descriptions of the lazy stoner eating chips and pizza on his or her couch. First of all, there's nothing wrong with lazing on the couch here and there, and second, the myth of the lazy stoner is untrue. 

A person can use marijuana for energy as well as relaxation, and we're going to explain how. 

Using Marijuana for Energy

We're going to give you the briefest of crash courses in the fundamentals of cannabis. 

Cannabis is host to a number of things called cannabinoids. These are compounds that interact with our brain and body chemistry to produce a number of effects. The two dominant cannabinoids in marijuana are THC and CBD.

CBD is the cannabinoid that contributes to a number of benefits such as relaxation, pain relief, anxiety relief, and benefits to those suffering from epilepsy. 

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that produces the feeling of being "high." This is the cannabinoid that boosts creativity, energy, euphoria, and happiness. 

Indica and Sativa

Indica (you can think "inda-couch") is the species of weed that is CBD dominant. This means that it will produce a bodily high that helps with pain and relaxation. Indicas also contain THC, so you will still experience psychoactive effects if you use it. 

Sativa falls on the other end of the spectrum. You can use Sativa and still come away with a great deal of energy and focused creativity. 

Most marijuana turns out differently in its balance between CBD and THC. With that said, the industry has boomed so much that advances in the extraction and production of cannabinoids and cannabis is making it possible to be very selective with the weed we buy.

You can purchase weed that is specifically geared to give you energy. These are going to be dominant Sativas and will improve the experience of things like doing the chores, working on homework, reading, exercising, etc. 

Changing Your Mind About Cannabis

Don't let others affect your perception of cannabis use. You should do your research, understand the benefits of realities of cannabis, and use on your own terms. 

Sometimes we have the idea that because we use marijuana, we are inherently "lazy stoners." That's a self-fulfilling prophecy that only serves to detract from the actual benefits of using marijuana. Even the most seasoned cannabis user might have some biases lingering in the back of their minds. 

Pay attention to what marijuana does for you and use it to your advantage!

Learn More About Cannabis

Using marijuana for energy is just one of the lesser-known possibilities available to you. It's important that you learn all you can about marijuana to become a more responsible user and advocate for its benefits. 

Visit our site to get all of the cannabis information you need to move forward! 

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