Why Weed Jewelry Is Trending in 2020

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Why Weed Jewelry Is Trending in 2020

Gem(stoned): Why Weed Jewelry Is Trending in 2020

Curious about why weed jewelry is trending in 2020? We got your back. Take a look at why you need weed jewelry this year!

Cannabis is legal in 11 states for recreational and medical use. It’s also legal in 33 states for medical-only use. 

Over 59% of Americans believe cannabis should be legal for both medical and recreational use. Another poll by CBS puts support at 65%, a new record high.

As support for cannabis continues to grow, it makes sense that fashion would follow to reflect society's new standpoint. Weed jewelry isn't new, but it's set to be a huge trend in 2020.

The History of Weed Jewelry

In order to understand why weed jewelry is making a huge splash in 2020, we must first take a look at its past.

The use of hemp and cannabis has a long and storied history dating back to the Scythians. Hemp has long been favored for weaving things like clothing due to its durable fibers.

In the 1990s, cannabis fashion emerged as part of an American subculture. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing oversized white shirts with the green leaf centered on the front, or someone sporting a hemp choker.

As public opinion began to shift on cannabis, weed jewelry grew more popular and made its way into popular mall retail stores like Spencer's or Hot Topic. However, much of the weed jewelry sold in these stores was mass-produced and cheap.

Despite lacking in quality, demand remained high. People were eager to display their support for cannabis, or to make a controversial fashion statement for attention. 

The Future of Weed Jewelry

While cannabis fashion isn't mainstream yet, it's already showing up on high-fashion walkways. Both celebrities and models are starting to appear on the covers of magazines wearing cannabis fashion and weed jewelry.

Over a decade ago, wearing cannabis-inspired clothing was risque. It made a bold statement on what your standpoint was and sometimes upset people.

Now, cannabis couture is gaining traction for its more positive connotations. Gone is the stigma of being classified as a Schedule I drug. Instead, cannabis increasingly makes the news for new studies highlighting its positive health effects.

Cannabis-inspired jewelry is also of a higher quality than what you would’ve once found in the early 1990s. Instead of cheap plastic rings and plain earrings, you can now find diamond-encrusted cannabis leaf necklaces.

There’s never been a wider selection of weed jewelry than now. The advance of technology has also helped to encourage supply and demand. 

People don’t have to rely on going to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase an item any longer. Now, weed jewelry is little more than a click away on the internet. Then the item is delivered safe and discreetly as a package to your home.

Best Picks on the Market

You can find everything from earrings to bracelets to necklaces when it comes to weed jewelry these days. As designers venture into the brave new world of cannabis fashion, they pave the way for highlighting key talking points and pushing for further legalization.

Here are a few of our top picks:

Weed Leaf Aroma Pendant and Necklace

This necklace doubles as a way to carry around a bit of fragrance. If you forgot to put on perfume before leaving the house, use a dab of essential oil from your diffuser necklace.

The necklace features a stylish white pendant with the cannabis leaf emblazoned in green on the center.

Weed Charm Bracelet

A leather wristband with hemp cord woven through, this charm bracelet is sturdy and perfect for everyday wear. The charm is a rounded rectangular cut of metal with the cannabis leaf emblazoned in black at the center. The hemp cord comes in four colors: red, black, camel, and brown.

24K Gold Plated Weed Leaf Pendant Necklace

Looking to add a little gold to your wardrobe? This fashionable 24k gold plated necklace features a gold cannabis leaf as the pendant. The 24k gold necklace is ideal for both casual stoner attire or dressing up with something a bit more cannabis couture.

420 Green Hemp Weed Leaf Marijuana Open Adjustable Band Ring

A more subtle but trendy piece of weed jewelry, this band ring is a polished gold color that is open adjustable. The green leaf is fringed in gold and sits on the top of the ring. 

Weed Pot Leaf Stainless Steel Ear Gauge Plugs

Gauge earrings have been trendy for some time now. Make a statement and wear fashionable pot leaf ear gauges. The gauge earrings are stainless steel. The center is clear with a green cannabis leaf painted on top.

Weed Pot Leaf Tongue Barbell Ring 316L Surgical Steel

Looking for something new to adorn your tongue? A colorful pot leaf tongue barbell ring is a great way to support legalization two-fold. It's a subtle hint that you're all about cannabis.

Rasta Pot Leaf Weed Dangling Navel Belly Button Ring

This weed belly button ring is made of surgical grade steel and is as vibrant as they come. It comes colored in red, yellow, and green with a cannabis leaf dangling at the bottom.

Cannabis Jewelry Is Evolving

As weed jewelry continues to find its way closer to mainstream culture, the trends in fashion will also change with it. 

Weed jewelry has already come a long way. From its humble start of people braiding handmade hemp necklaces for themselves to chain stores mass-producing cheap plastic products, weed jewelry is in a continual state of improvement and change.

Online stores allowed for weed jewelry to break closer into mainstream sales. These items are often hand-crafted and high-quality.

If you’re searching for some stylish weed jewelry to wear, browse the selection offered by 420 Mile High. We’re committed to providing top-notch, unique items that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Is there a design you love but don't see it on a product you want? We offer custom personalized options. Use your creativity to design your own caption on a hoodie or beanie hat. We even carry necklaces that can be stamped with your name.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with picking out weed jewelry you'll be thrilled to wear!

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