Who Can We Thank For Legal Pot? Here's a Quick Rundown Of Weed Laws

Legal Pot -

Who Can We Thank For Legal Pot? Here's a Quick Rundown Of Weed Laws

Which States Can We Thank for Legal Pot?

Which States Can We Thank for Legal Pot?

These days, many of us take legal pot for granted. But how did it come to be? Who can we thank for this gift? Click here to find out.

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There are three types of states out there - and yes, we're going to list them in terms of favorites.

The first type (our favorite type) allow both medical and recreational pot use. The second type allow medical use, and the third type are on their way there - but they've only decriminalized marijuana there so far.

Want to learn which states land in our favorite legal pot category?

States to Thank for Recreational Use:

If you're smoking legally and you don't have a medical disorder - you have recreational use laws to thank. They're the law of the land in about eight states. It's technically recreationally legal in ten - but DC and Vermont have some time to figure out their laws (they just passed legalization in 2018).

You can expect them to work those out and be able to smoke freely there in a few years.

What are the other eight?

Colorado, obviously, and California. Those are the two everyone thinks of, followed by Washington and Oregon.

But did you know that Nevada, Maine, Alaska, Michigan, and Massachusetts legalized recreational use too? It's dope.

But who was first? Was it Colorado, California, or Alaska?

Here's a Recreational Weed Timeline.

Who Legalized Recreational Use, When?

Want to know who the first states were to jump on the just-for-fun bandwagon? Please note that the following years are when the legislation passed - it took time to go into effect.

  1. Colorado, 2012, 64% vote
  2. Oregon, 2012, 56% vote
  3. Alaska, 2014, 54% vote
  4. DC, 2014, 65% vote
  5. California, 2016, 57%
  6. Maine, 2016, 50%
  7. Massachusetts, 2016, 54%
  8. Nevada, 2016, 54%
  9. Michigan, 2018, 54%
  10. Vermont, 2018, In Legislature

The amounts of recreational marijuana you can have in each state differ - but most of the time it's around 1-2 "usable" ounces. That means you can have a few plants (also regulated) that aren't producing at the time.

If you're past the legal age limit and have more than that, it's likely a misdemeanor - a slap on the wrist.

But if you have way more, like bricks upon bricks or even a pound - you could still get hit with an intent to distribute charge.

Make sure you learn about the possession limits in your state when you're building up your personal stash.

Which State is The Most Lenient on Legal Pot?

If you want to grow plants in your home, move to Maine. You can have up to fifteen plants there, which is more than double what most states allow.

However - only three of those plants can be flowering at a time.

For usable possession, you're also looking at Maine - which allows 2.5 grams.

That is unless you're growing - and if that's the case the most lenient possession state is Oregon. You can have up to eight ounces of homegrown weed at home along with 1 oz in public.

Michigan also boasts a 2.5-ounce possession rate, with DC on its heels at 2 oz.

Smoking, In Private

In all of these states, it's still not legal to smoke in non-smoking or public areas. If you can't smoke a cigarette there, you can't smoke a joint there.

And unless you're really well versed in your local laws - try to stick to using your recreational legal pot at home.

But they can't stop you from wearing your love for pot on your body, which you can do with our products here.

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