Weed and Exercise: 5 Things to Know About Working Out While High

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Weed and Exercise: 5 Things to Know About Working Out While High

Weed can make many things better, but what about working out? This guide on weed and exercise lists 5 things to know about working out while high.

 81% of adolescents globally are not sufficiently active. Let's be honest, working out just isn't that fun. Weed can make working out better if you do it the right way.

Is working out while high right for you? Read on to learn 5 things you should know about working out while high.

1. Your Weed Relationship

Working out while high can be great for some, but others, not so much. Before trying to mix weed and exercise, you need to understand your weed relationship. How does it affect your body specifically?

Smoking weed generally makes people's heart rate and blood pressure higher. However, it has a different effect on everyone. Some may feel as if they can conquer the world while others need to lay down for a few hours.

2. Smoke Less

If you are an avid weed smoker, you may be able to handle a lot more than others. Smoking before a workout is different. The amount you smoke before working out should be less than the amount you usually smoke.

You don't want to be stoned out of your mind before a workout, so make sure you aren't taking too much. If you are exercising while high, you need only a small amount. This is not your usual recreational use.

When mixing marijuana and exercise, try microdosing. This method of weed-smoking gives you a mild high that lasts longer. A few puffs should be enough to affect you slightly during your workout.

3. Try More Reps

For some, weed can help you tolerate discomfort. This could be perfect for those who don't want to finish out their workout because it hurts too bad. Microdosing can help you finish those reps or even get more in than usual.

Your body has cannabinoid receptors and these receptors are affected by marijuana. Your body responds to pain differently when you smoke weed.

Ultimately, this means you can tolerate more than usual. However, don't push through a workout if you are injured or your body needs rest.

4. Take Edibles

If you enjoy working out while high, you should take edibles instead of smoking it. It's unknown how healthy weed is for you, but smoking can be harmful.

Burning weed and using papers or blunts can create carcinogens that get into the lungs. This is not great for your body, especially before a workout. To make this experience as healthy as possible, microdose on edibles.

5. CBD Works Too!

If you want the healing and recovery effects of smoking weed while working out, but don't want to use weed, try CBD! This is a great option for those who have to take drug tests.

CBD can give you the boost of energy you need before a workout. You can also benefit from anti-inflammatory effects that come with using CBD.

Working Out While High Explained

Working out while high is not right for everyone. If you want to know if it works for you, consider these things. No matter what you choose, always listen to your body!

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