Trick-Or-Puff! 8 Smokin' Ideas For Stoner Halloween Costumes

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Trick-Or-Puff! 8 Smokin' Ideas For Stoner Halloween Costumes

Trick-Or-Puff! 8 Smokin' Ideas for Stoner Halloween Costumes

Halloweed is right around the corner! Do you have a costume to go with your favorite strain? Don't miss these killer ideas for stoner Halloween costumes.

Here’s a question for all you dedicated stoners out there: what is the biggest and best stoner holiday?

Obviously, 420 was your first guess, and we totally understand why. But, have you ever considered Halloween to be the best stoner holiday?

Think about it. This is a holiday that centered around munchies, parties, and dressing literally any way you want.

Starting to rethink your answer? We hope so.

This year, turn a boring Halloween into a festive Halloweed.

So grab some of your best “buds”, because it’s time to start planning your stoner Halloween costumes. Let’s get started.

1. Cheech & Chong

People of any gender can pull off the Cheech and Chong look. The 1970s aesthetic can be easily thrown together at the last minute with some clothes you found in the back of your closet.

All you need is a good jean jacket, red headband, and a thick mustache. Boom. You’ve got a homemade Chong. 

For Cheech, look for a yellow crop top, tan pants, and red suspenders. Don’t forget the red hat and the oh-so-important mustache.

For an extra accessory, roll yourself a fake blunt and carry it around.

2. Best Buds

If you’ve got a group of friends, the "best buds" costume is arguably the best group costume choice. What better way to show off your appreciation for your best bud and your favorite bud?

This costume is relatively easy and can be presented in many ways. You could do something as simple as getting a couple of matching T-shirts that say best buds with a stylish marijuana leaf design.

Or you could go all out and glue a bunch of grass to a green bodysuit. Your stoner friends will understand, but you might have to wear a sign that says best buds for those who are a bit more naïve.

3. Pot Brownie

Remember the days when your innocent Brownie uniform was just that? Innocent.

Now that we’re adults, we can turn the Brownie uniform into an all-new, cannabis-loving throwback.

You can go as sexy as you want with this costume. Find a white T-shirt, brown skirt, and some white knee-high (or sexy thigh high) socks. 

Don’t forget to add a stylish brown sash with several patches on it. Add any kind of pot-related patches to your sash so you can pop as a pot brownie.

For an added innocent look, add some ribbons to your kneehighs and fashion some pigtails in your hair.

Yes, men can pull off the pot brownie costume too, and we highly recommend it.

4. Shaggy & Scooby

Scooby Doobie Doo, where are you? 

It wasn’t until we grew up that we realized Shaggy was actually a major stoner. Think about it, his best friend was a talking dog that only he could understand, he was always confused, and food was a top priority.

If you’ve got blonde hair this costume will be a lot easier, otherwise, we recommend a wig. Let your beard grow out just a bit and throw on a green T-shirt.

Zoinks! Don’t forget about Scooby. Have a friend dress up as Scooby or if you have a furry companion, dress them up with a matching green collar.

Don’t forget to carry around a box of Scooby snacks.

5. Empty Weed Bag

If you want to stick with the common theme of Halloween, try dressing up as an empty bag of weed.

This costume is sure to terrorize and frighten all of your stoner friends.

Be sure to walk around with a sad face or look dreary for most of the night. This is what’s going to sell your costume.

6. Baked Potato

This is potentially the greatest costume ever imagined, but we sadly cannot take credit.

The baked potato is as simple and hilarious as it sounds. 

You can order an adult baked potato costume, but we think it’s just as fun to make it yourself. Wear black clothes underneath and wrap your torso in tinfoil (or any material that’s silver and shiny.) Next, add a layer of brown material to be the potato, then a white layer as the soft-baked inside. 

Don’t forget toppings! Sprinkle some green cut-outs of pot leaves to your potato.

Glue a yellow sponge in the middle and draw a marijuana leaf on top. This is your cannabutter.

For an added bonus, draw some weary, bloodshot eyes on the top and carry around a homemade joint.

7. Everything Rasta

Follow the example of Bob Marley and dress up in everything rasta. This means dreadlocks, hats, vests, and everything in between.

Be sure to follow the distinct green, yellow, and red color pattern so everyone will understand. 

If you’re out and about, you can play some old fashion Bob Marley music on your phone. When someone complains that your costume is overused or outdated, tell them “don’t worry, be happy.”


“Because every little thing, he’s gonna be alright.”

8. Accessorize

If you’re not looking to go all out this Halloween, you can do something simple and just accessorize with everything stoner related.

You can wear pot socks, stylish shirts, carry Mile High tote bags, and so much more. As long as you look like a stoner, you’ll fit right in.

As a bonus, dressing with accessories doesn’t have to be a one time deal. You can wear them throughout the year.

The Best Stoner Halloween Costumes 

Ultimately, the best stoner Halloween costumes are those with a little humor. The entire community of stoners can agree that life is short and we should enjoy the simple pleasures while we can. If that means dressing up with dreadlocks or as a mildly confused potato, we say go for it. 

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