The Most Effective Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed

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The Most Effective Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed

Masking Your Marijuana: The Most Effective Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed

With the strong smell of cannabis, it can be difficult to hide the fact that you're smoking. Here are the most effective ways to hide the smell of weed.

There are a number of benefits derived from smoking cannabis, to include pain relief, increased lung capacity, relief from seizures, and recreational feelings of euphoria. 

However, this doesn't mean everyone enjoys the smell.  

Weed has a strong, pungent, unmistakable scent, that could put some people off or even get you in trouble. 

So how can you hide the smell of weed?

Below we'll dive into some tried and true strategies. 

1. Smoke in Nature, Not Enclosed Areas

The best way to smoke without it creating a problem is by doing it outside. 

When you smoke outdoors, you generally won't have to worry about the smell getting in your hair and clothing, and definitely won't have to worry about the smell in your home. 

What's more, smoking outdoors puts you in touch with nature, which can accentuate your high and the sense of oneness you enjoy with each hit. The sunshine adds plenty of Vitamin D, which is already a natural dopamine regulator, so you can expect a heightened mood when enjoying your cannabis outdoors. 

2. If You Must Smoke Indoors, Use Windows and Fans Early

Sometimes though, you just can't smoke outside. 

When you're chiefing indoors, you need to make sure that you always have constant airflow. Turn on the ceiling fan or smoke in the bathroom and turn that fan on.  

Open a window and blow all your smoke out of the window or into the steam of a shower if possible. If you start the heavy airflow early, you won't give your room time to get filled with enough smoke for the heavy scent to set in. 

Afterward, keep your fan running for some time. 

3. Invest in Some Quality Sprays

There are some great spray products that can kill the smell of weed in any room. The best ones can be pretty strong, so make sure to test it out a few times before you have company over, since the replacement smell could be just as distracting. 

If you need to get rid of the smell on your person, spray your hair with whatever smell-good products you use, and splash on a bit of your favorite cologne or perfume. 

4. Burn Some Incense or Candles

Spark a candle or some incense during the session and it'll absorb a lot of the cannabis smell. 

Keep it burning long after your session so that the candle or incense scent wins out. Make sure it's a scent that you enjoy and crack a window or two as well. 

5. Use a Sploof

There are lots of smoke accessories you can use to help you get rid of the weed smell. 

One of the best ways to get rid of the weed smell is by creating your own smoke accessory -- a sploof. This is essential a filtration tool that many smokers use to hide their weed smell. 

It consists of a tube and a filter system that you blow your smoke into when you exhale. There are several instruction guides around the web that will teach you how to build your own.

Consider These Tips So You Can Hide the Smell of Weed

If you're trying to hide the smell of weed, these tips will help you out. Contemplate these tips and use them the next time you smoke up.

Embrace the stoner within and shop our inventory of high-quality cannabis gear. 

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