The Most 5 Popular Ways To Smoke Weed

Ways To Smoke Weed -

The Most 5 Popular Ways To Smoke Weed

The Most 5 Popular Ways to Smoke Weed

Stoners are innovators, so it should come as no surprise that there are tons of different ways to smoke weed. Click here to check out the most popular ones.

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Whether you've been smoking weed for years or you're new to the game, there's plenty of ways you can get creative when it comes to how you inhale.

It's no surprise that stoners can come up with some creative solutions when it comes to how they consume their pot.

Check out this list of the five most popular ways to smoke weed, some of which you might not have ever heard about.

1. Handmade Toking

If you need to smoke weed in a fix, handmade devices are the way to go. This can mean anything from a hollowed-out piece of fruit to an aluminum can with a hole cut out.

These handmade smoking devices aren't only innovative, they're easy to ditch and throw away when you're done. 

2. Vaping

Just like vaping nicotine-based "juice," you can now vape your weed, too. The process involves concentrating the THC into a safe, smokeable liquid.

The liquid is filled inside a tank that attaches to a rechargeable battery. As the battery heats up, the weed-infused liquid turns into a vapor that you inhale.

This method is not only super convenient, but it's almost always free of smells so you can take it with you.

3. Joints and Blunts are Popular Ways to Smoke Weed

Smoking a joint or a blunt is a time-tested way to inhale ganja. A joint uses thin rolling paper that burns smoothly and evenly.

If you prefer a blunt, it uses thicker paper and holds a lot more weed. This method is most popular when you're having a party or opting to share your weed with other people. 

Both joints and blunts have long been the most common, popular way to smoke weed.

4. Hookahs and Bongs

Weed is meant to be shared, and hookahs and bongs make it easy. With a hookah, you can burn one nugget of weed and everyone gathers around it, sharing the wealth by puffing on multiple stems that protrude from the center.

Bongs are another popular option that involves a water-filled container and a removable "stem" that you pull out in order to take the hit. They often provide you with a lot of thick smoke, and you can easily pass them around to other people in the room so they can share.

5. Dabbing

This method of smoking weed has become much more popular in recent times. The process involves heating up concentrated oil that comes in a solidified form.

As the dab heats up, you inhale it using a bong or other heated source. Many people think dabbing is safer since you're not directly inhaling all of the extra plant compounds that come with traditional marijuana.

The Choice is Yours

Whether you prefer classic joints and bongs or more modern methods like dabbing and vaporizers, there's definitely plenty of ways to smoke weed.

Decide which method works for you and enjoy.

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