The Cream of the Crop: How to Wear Weed Crop Tops for Women (and Look Amazing)

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The Cream of the Crop: How to Wear Weed Crop Tops for Women (and Look Amazing)

The crop top is one of the hottest fashion trends of the past few years. But many people don’t know the crop top has an impressive history — the crop top was first worn in the west in the 1940s when fabric was conserved during WWII.

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to show off your love of marijuana, weed-themed crop tops and crop hoodies are the perfect way to express your stoner-dom fashionably. But how do you wear weed crop tops?

Crop tops and hoodies are the ultimate bold fashion trend — especially if you wear a crop top with weed-inspired graphics. Here’s some advice for selecting the best marijuana crop top and some outfit inspiration.

How to Find the Best Weed Crop Top

Crop tops are great for all body types — you just have to choose the best one for your figure.

First, consider length. Crop top lengths vary; you can find crop tops that end right under the bra line and others that are so long, they stop at the waist.

Everyone has their own preferences — for example, if you’re insecure about your belly, you’ll want to choose a longer crop top.

The graphics also determine the length of a crop top. This is especially true with weed crop tops for women that feature lots of artistry, text, and more. These crop tops are usually longer.

Tightness is also an essential factor to consider. Tighter crop tops look best with loose-fitting pants and shorts. Since these tops are usually more risqué, you’ll want to save these shirts for a night out.

Loose-fitting crop tops look great on just about all body types. They also have a casual look, perfect for lazy, hazy days when you’re chilling with friends and smoking weed.

At the end of the day, choose the best weed crop top that makes you feel beautiful and awesome.

Weed Crop Top Outfit Ideas

Now that you know your weed crop top style, what should you wear with your top?

High-waisted everything looks great with a crop top. For summer stoner days, opt for a cute pair of high-waisted shorts. Smoke a little (or a lot!) and hit the beach.

For colder days, wear the crop top with a pair of high-waisted jeans or pants. Rock a sweater or hoodie over the crop top. Make sure you stay cuddled inside with your bowl!

If you really want to spice up your weed crop top, like when you’re going to a party or a club, opt for a skirt instead of shorts or pants. Some styles of pants, such as slacks, are also perfect for a night out.

If you’re not into looking sexy and dressed up, you can wear your weed crop top subtly. Match it with overalls for a more modest look — just make sure you can see the marijuana graphics!

You can wear any shoes with crop tops. Sneakers and flats look best for casual looks while heels are best for a night out. Match your marijuana crop top with jewelry, such as a weed necklace.

Marijuana Crop Tops to Wear

Which weed crop tops should you wear? Don’t worry, we offer plenty of options.

If you’re looking for a casual yet tight-fitting crop top, the Rocky Mountain High Crop Top is a great option. It features marijuana leaves on a mountain background with vintage Colorado-themed artwork.

If you want something more comfortable, we offer a form-fitting Let’s Get High crop top.

The top features a marijuana leaf with several colors on a black background with the text “let’s get high.” The top ends right above the navel, so it’s perfect for all body types.

We also offer crop tops for all different fashion styles and preferences. If you’re more into goth fashion, our Legalize Marijuana crop top features a skull with a joint in its mouth. We also offer simple tops, such as ones with a simple marijuana leaf.

Many of our shirts have multiple color options so everyone can find a shirt they will like.

How to Find the Best Crop Hoodie

Crop hoodies are a lot more flexible than crop tops. While they’re best for colder weather, you can wear crop hoodies in many ways. You should always buy a crop hoodie based on your preferences. But most wearers buy a crop hoodie in a size or two bigger.

Unlike crop tops, crop hoodies are specifically worn for comfort and warmth. Buying a crop hoodie in your size may result in a crop hoodie that’s too tight for your liking.

Besides, you’ll want to spend cold days inside, smoking a joint or bowl to warm up. A comfy weed-themed crop hoodie is perfect for these moments.

Weed Crop Hoodie Outfit Ideas

While crop hoodies are ideal for cold weather and casual wear, there are many ways to style a crop hoodie.

Crop hoodies are perfect for layering, especially if you’re uncomfortable with showing off your stomach.

While you can wear another top under a crop top, it looks more natural with a crop hoodie. Find a solid-colored tank top or long-sleeve shirt to sport with your crop hoodie.

Since crop hoodies are the ultimate comfy clothes, no bottoms look better with crop hoodies than leggings and yoga pants. Leggings are not only cute, but they’re super comfortable, perfect for snuggling in bed with your bowl and a good movie to watch.

What if you’re having a casual day with a friend and some good weed? If you still want to wear your crop hoodie without hanging around in your PJs, you have more comfy clothes options.

You can wear the hoodie under overalls for a super chill and unique look.

Crop hoodies are perfect for days inside. But what if you’re going out on a cold day? Your crop hoodie is also ideal for a night out. If you have a high-waist maxi skirt, your crop hoodie will not only look stylish with the skirt, but you’ll stay warm.

If you have a slim-fitting dress, you can also wear your crop hoodie over a dress. You’ll look super glam in your weed crop top while also hiding your stomach.

Since this is more of a casual style, wear sneakers for chill days with friends and flats if you’re out for the night.

Marijuana Crop Hoodies to Wear

We have a marijuana crop hoodie for all stoner ladies!

If you’re looking for a statement piece, a hoodie such as our A Day Without Weed hoodie is a favorite. The hoodie is hilarious, sporting this great message: “a day without weed probably won’t kill me, but why risk it!”

While it’s recommended you buy the hoodie in a size larger, this style is more on the droopy side. If you purchase it in your regular size, it will likely fit slightly baggy.

If you’re looking for a casual hoodie to wear around the house, you’ll like our Mile High Weed crop hoodie. This hoodie features the artwork of a gas mask and is available in a variety of colors.

Tips When Wearing a Crop Top

Crop tops are seriously fashionable but can be hard to style. Here are some tips to look amazing in your weed crop top.

Avoid Shapewear

Do you plan on wearing your weed crop top to a party? You may think wearing shapewear is a great idea. However, you can easily see the shapewear on a crop top. Make sure you layer your crop top to conceal the shapewear.

Make Sure Your Skin Looks Great

If you want to show off your belly, you’ll want to give your skin some TLC. Make sure your tummy is shaved or waxed. Rub some hemp oil on your stomach for soft skin and a subtle glow.

Cover Everything Else

When you wear a crop top, your tummy will be at the center stage. Make sure you cover everything up — hide your bust and avoid wearing tight pants or tight skirts (though this style can look cute for a night out).

Don’t Stress About Your Body

What if you don’t have rocking abs? Who cares — and trust us, the weed munchies get the best of you! Don’t stress about your body and the way you look. You don’t have to starve yourself or resist the urge to snack while high.

If you’re still insecure about your stomach, layer your crop top or wear high-waisted bottoms. Otherwise, just take a toke and calm down — everyone will probably be too high to care anyway!

Shop Weed Crop Tops Today

Weed crop tops are a serious fashion trend for all of the lady stoners out there. Crop tops are flattering, stylish, and there are several cute marijuana-themed graphics to choose from.

Are you inspired to buy weed crop tops? Click here and buy some marijuana crop tops!

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