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2020 Weed Trends, 420 Mile High, How to Use a Bubbler -

Bubblers are for the bit more advanced smoker, but how do you use one? This guide for a better smoke shows how to use a bubbler.  Over 30 states have legalized Marijuana in some form over recent years. These new changes have Marijuana enthusiasts excited and ready to break away from the standard joint and try new and interesting ways to enjoy their bud. The bubbler is a great tool to keep handy and we are going to show you just how to use a bubbler for an awesome experience!  Let's get started! The Basics The bubbler is a type of water pipe, and a bubbler,...

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2020 Weed Trends, 420 Mile High -

Looking for some trendy ways to smoke weed or bake edibles? Click here to create some roaring fun with the biggest 2020 weed trends. With marijuana now legal in some capacity in a healthy minority of American states, cannabis culture has never been so prominent. While the law never stood completely in the way of weed lovers, legalization has seen an explosion in the culture in states like California. With this increased acceptance comes an awareness of weed-related trends. Stoners nowadays are a diverse bunch, so it pays to keep up to date with the latest developments in the cannabis scene,...

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