Star Wars Bong For Festivals 101: Choosing the Best Star Wars Pipe

Star Wars Bong For Festivals 101: Choosing the Best Star Wars Pipe

Star Wars Bong for Festivals 101: Choosing the Best Star Wars Pipe

Themed star wars bongs and pipes are the perfect gift for the nerdy-stoner. But, they are often fragile and easily breakable. Get the right pipe for a festival

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Last year millions of people made the pilgrimage to their favorite festival. Whether you are attending the Mile High Festival or some other festival, having the perfect bong can complete the experience for you.

Are you ready for festival season this year? What you need is the perfect Star Wars bong. You need to choose wisely; you need to choose a bong that can withstand the drops and bumps it will experience during the festival. 

Here are some of your best options for festival worthy Star Wars bongs. 

Boba Fett's Helmet 

One artist took inspiration from Boba Fett's helmet and turned it into a wearable bong. Stroll around the festival in style while you smoke hands-free. 

One drawback is that the helmet is made out of handblown glass. But this might be ok, after all, it should be safe on your head, right? 

Green Saber Hand Pipe 

At eight inches long this piece is small enough to carry with you to your next festival. Choose your side and have a lightsaber in green, red, or blue. 

You'll need to be somewhat careful as the "light" part is made of glass. However, it is a half of an inch thick, so it is sturdy. 

Yoda Quad Tube Ceramic Bong 

You are at a festival, so time to get social! The Yoda bong is perfect for that. This ceramic bong comes with four smoking tubes.

Up to four people can smoke simultaneously. If you find that the bowl it comes with is too small, you can replace it with a larger one. 

Shadow Stormtrooper Gas Mask Bong 

This plastic mask looks just like a shadow stormtrooper mask. The attached bong is acrylic, making the entire piece durable enough for even the harshest of treatment. 

Separate the bong, and now you have a cool mask to wear. Or attach the bong, and you have a uniquely immersive smoking experience.

Ceramic Yoda Straight Bong 

For those who love Yoda, here is another one for your collection. This ceramic bong is perfect for bringing to your next festival. It comes with a stem and bowl for more comfortable use. 

The rich blue color gives the bong vibrancy and style. This will make it fit right in with the festival culture. 

Pick up Your Star Wars Bong

So which one tickles your fancy? Or if it's a gift, which one will the ultimate Star Wars fan in your life love? 

When picking out a Star Wars bong to bring with you to your next festival, think about how you want to use it. Are you looking for a personal smoking device or something to help start the party?

You also need to think about materials. Glass that is too thin can be fragile. Acrylic can affect the taste and flavor of the smoke. 

Now that you know what Star Wars bong your bringing, do you know what you are going to wear?! Check out our clothing and find the perfect gear for your next festival. 

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