Pineapple Express Strain: Is It a Good Choice For Festivals?

Pineapple Express Strain: Is It a Good Choice For Festivals?

Pineapple Express Strain: Is It a Good Choice for Festivals?

Pineapple Express strain is a massively popular cannabis strain. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, with 40 percent indica and 60 percent Sativa. Find out why it's great.

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You and your friends are getting ready for the best stoner festivals of all time.

You've perfected your festival outfits with the best stoner decor. You even have your travel plans organized. Now there's only one question left.

What strain will you smoke to get in the best festival mindset?

The worst way to start an energetic festival is by smoking a strain that will put you straight on the couch. Sitting with a bag full of chips, watching the best stoner movies of all time sounds like a great time. But this isn't the type of high you want for the best festival of all time.

Thus, we give you the Pineapple Express strain.

What Is the Pineapple Express Strain?

In 2008, we saw the Pineapple Express movie premiere. And with it, the Pineapple Express strain's popularity boomed. But the weed depicted in the movie is nothing like the real-life Pineapple Express.

And while the hype from the movie has died down, Pineapple Express is still an iconic, popular strain.

As strains become more and more crossbred, it's often hard to pinpoint a strain's origins. Pineapple Express traces its roots from the strains Trainwreck and Pineapple. But the strain can differ depending on factors like growing conditions or location. A strain from a reputable dispensary will have the best effects.

It's 60% Sativa (body high, but you knew that) and 40% Indica (head high). It has heavy dense buds that resemble an Indica-heavy strain. It provides hard-hitting energetic highs that make it perfect for the festival experience.

Pineapple Express is a potent strain with THC towards 20% or higher. This makes it a great strain for experienced stoners.

Energy, Focus, Happiness

The Sativa-leaning hybrid has an uplifting euphoric high. It relieves physical pain and depression. It's a great way to shake off those pre-festival jitters.

But Pineapple Express is also an energetic, body-numbing high. After a few hits, you want to get up and dance, meet someone new, or set out on an adventure. That's the exact type of high you're looking for during your next festival.

Pineapple Express is also well known for its creativity, but it can leave you feeling a bit spacey. It's not great for any activity that requires a lot of focus (like work). But if you want to enjoy an experience and let your creativity flow, smoke Pineapple Express.

Aroma and Flavor

Pineapple Express has a sweet, tropical flavor with a hint of pineapple or citrus. The smoke carries the sweetness into the smoke, providing an incense-like effect.

The sweet flavors carry exhale on a woody, earthy note that's both uplifting and grounding. It brings you into your body and into the moment, letting your senses come alive.

This combo makes it soothing to smoke and soothing to be around.

Pineapple Express Is a Fine Festival High

The energetic, euphoric sensations make it an optimal festival strain. When it's festival, make the Pineapple Express strain your finishing touch.

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