Is Marijuana Safe For Older Adults?

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Is Marijuana Safe For Older Adults?

Is Marijuana Safe for Older Adults?

Is marijuana safe for older adults? Older adults are starting to use marijuana more, both medically and recreationally. We take a look at the facts.

 Do you remember the peace, love, and ganja you enjoyed in the ‘60s and ‘70s? With the variety of weed available, there’s no need to long for those days of old anymore.

Today’s society is becoming more accepting of marijuana use by more people than just the hippies. People from high ranking CEOs to tree-loving college students are partaking in the marijuana craze.

But is marijuana safe for older adults? Sure, back in the day you didn’t worry about the effects of marijuana on your body. However, as you advance in your years and have fewer responsibilities, reliving your smoking days doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

If you’re wondering if marijuana is safe for older adults, we have some good news.

Is Marijuana Safe for Older Adults? The Answer is Yes

You may be surprised to learn that older adults over the age of 50 are 20 times more likely to try marijuana. If marijuana safety is a concern, you’ll be happy to learn there numerous safe methods to enjoy your marijuana.

Older generations are returning to weed or giving it a try for medicinal purposes. Marijuana helps with anxiety, appetite, depression, nausea, insomnia, and more. For some, weed gives retirement a little fun and zest.

Don't enjoy the "high" feeling of THC? CBD is a marijuana derivative that offers many of the benefits of weed without the high. You’ll still be in control of your faculties while enjoying the medicinal perks of marijuana.

Older adults who prefer to avoid smoking or have lung issues will love enjoying their weed in the form of edibles and oils.

Use marijuana in a safe environment as some older adults may find the “high” feeling to cause disorientation, balance issues, and sleepiness.

So, is marijuana safe for older adults? Yes, when used safely.

Why do Older Adults Use Marijuana?

While many older adults enjoy to spice up their golden years with some ganja, there are benefits to using marijuana.

Pain is a major reason older adults find marijuana appealing. Do you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or general aches and pains? You'll find marijuana and CBD oils to be miracle pain alleviators.

Marijuana and its CBD counterpart can help ease feelings of anxiety and depression.

The calming effects of marijuana help many older adults with insomnia. For those who may feel paranoid with marijuana, CBD oils are good weed alternatives.

Medications, chronic illnesses, and some forms of cancer can cause nausea and vomiting. Weed helps with nausea while allowing you to regain your appetite.

Research in the medical uses of marijuana suggests marijuana helps with epilepsy. People with epilepsy report marijuana can reduce the number of and severity of their seizures.

Is marijuana safe for older adults with health issues? As long as it's not severe, medical marijuana can be safe.

How to Safely Enjoy your Marijuana

Before you start diving into marijuana, you should be mindful of any prescription medications, lung issues, and your environment.

Use marijuana in a safe place, at home or with another person. Try not to move around too much as this increases the risk of falling. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery as marijuana does slow your motor functions.

Smoke or Vape: Older adults who are fairly healthy or at least have a good set of lungs can try smoking or vaping marijuana. Take advantage of the various flavor marijuana vapes or keep it old-school with a water pipe, joint, or blunt.

Edibles: Edibles have all the benefits of marijuana without having to smoke. Edibles come in almost any food form ranging from candies and sweets to savory foods. You can learn to bake and cook your own or check out your local dispensary.

Topical Creams and Oils: CBD and THC from marijuana mix with therapeutic herbs and essential oils to create a pain-relieving cream. Since it's topical and doesn’t mix into the bloodstream there’s no risk of getting high.

Give it a Try

Is marijuana safe for older adults? Yes, it is. Just make sure you’re in a safe place and start with small doses. Experimenting with doses and topical creams that give little or no high is a good place to start.

Learn more about how to enjoy your marijuana in our latest news stories. We have everything from beginner’s guides to the latest accessories for the weed connoisseur. 

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