How to Use a Bubbler: A Guide for a Better Smoke

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How to Use a Bubbler: A Guide for a Better Smoke

Bubblers are for the bit more advanced smoker, but how do you use one? This guide for a better smoke shows how to use a bubbler.

 Over 30 states have legalized Marijuana in some form over recent years. These new changes have Marijuana enthusiasts excited and ready to break away from the standard joint and try new and interesting ways to enjoy their bud. The bubbler is a great tool to keep handy and we are going to show you just how to use a bubbler for an awesome experience! 

Let's get started!

The Basics

The bubbler is a type of water pipe, and a bubbler, like a bong, uses water to diffuse the smoke from the lit marijuana. The process of percolation that occurs when you use a bubbler creates a smooth and soft smoke that is enjoyable for the smoker. The bubbler is a great piece to have in your glass pipe collection because they are compact and easier to travel with over a bong.

The bubbler has a mouthpiece, stem, bowl, and usually a carburetor. The stem is the area that houses the water for your bubbler and varies in size depending on the piece. 

How to Use a Bubbler 

The bubbler is very simple to use. To start add very cold water to the stem of the bubbler. The colder the water the smoother your hit will be.

Do not fill the bubbler too high or you could potentially suck water through the mouthpiece which is not a pleasant experience! Once the bubbler is filled dry out the bowl from any water that may have splashed during the fill. 

Next, you can add your weed to the bowl either straight in or with a mesh or glass screen to prevent any ground weed from falling into the stem. If your bubbler has a carb, press your thumb over it as you light the weed and inhale softly until the stem is full of smoke. Once you have the desired amount of smoke release the carb and continue to inhale the smoke. 

Change your water every time you use your bubbler for the best results. 

Advantages of Smoking Out of a Bubbler

The easy transport of a bubbler is a great advantage of the tool. Glass water pipes like bongs are large and bulky and not easy to travel with, however, the small bubbler is sleek and discreet. 

When smoking out of a bubbler the water in the stem filters and cools the smoke. This process helps make the smoke easier on the lungs and can help you get massive hits! The bubbler is light and durable and easier to use than a bong making it a good smoking vessel for the novice smoker as well as professionals.

There are a couple of disadvantages to the bubbler though. Because of the design of the bubbler is one solid piece, cleaning can be challenging. Additionally, bubblers tend to have smaller bowls than bongs so they are better suited for one to two smokers rather than a whole group. 

Try a Bubbler Today 

Now that you know how to use a bubbler it's time to put your skills to the test! Smoking out of a bubbler is fun for newbies and seasoned smokers alike so get out there and try using one today!

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