How to Smoke Dabs: A Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

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How to Smoke Dabs: A Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

How to Smoke Dabs: A Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Are you trying to learn how to smoke dabs the right way? If yes, you should check out this guide to cannabis concentrates.

Getting a hold of hash, shatter, or oil concentrates of weed used to be like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. 

A friend of a friend experimented with extracting in their home and shared their results with their inner circle. 

But, in the past few years, with the widespread legalization of cannabis, dabbing or smoking of concentrates has turned into a nearly $4 billion industry in 2018

It is easy to get your hands on the pot of gold, but if you're new to the weed scene, you may be asking how to smoke dabs anyway?

Use this guide to find out why dabbing has become the go-to source for cannabis users and how to start dabbing yourself. 

What is Dabbing?

You probably are familiar with weed in its flower form. Flower is bud dried and trimmed directly from the cannabis plant. 

Dabs come from the extracted oils of the flower by using one of several methods.

They can be extracted using a solvent like alcohol, CO2, butane, or propane to isolate the oil. 

You can also extract the trichomes manually by rubbing the flower with your hands to create hash, separating the crystals from the bud using a grinder and collecting kief, or using ice water to form bubble hash. 

The method of extraction leads to various substances like oil, shatter, and wax. These forms can also vary in form, from more liquid to a range of solids. 

It may get a bit confusing, but just remember the one important difference between flower and concentrates. Concentrates have a much higher THC level. This means dabbing gets you higher faster.

Another difference is how to take a dab. Concentrates are the cannabinoids (compounds of the cannabis plant) in raw form. So, they must be smoked using a high heat source.

This is where dabbing comes into play.

Dabbing Tools

Now that you know what a dab is, let's discuss how do you smoke dabs. 

With the popularity of concentrates comes a whole new market for smoking devices. Smokers used to get creative with homemade bongs and topping your bowl with a little bit of hash.

Now you can find dabbing rigs and vape pens just for smoking concentrates.

There are also tools for handling your oil. Dabbing tools are long metal sticks with a flattened edge to pick up your oil without getting your hands messy. 

Silicone mats and containers also help keep sticky oil from getting everywhere. 

How to Smoke Dabs Using a Rig?

Similar to a bong, a dab rig is equipped with a mouthpiece, pipe, and heating platform. The main difference is the heating source. 

You will notice that the rig has a banger or a nail. This is essentially the "bowl" of the pipe that gets heated with a torch. 

A banger is a wide flat bowl connected to a curved neck usually made of quartz. A nail is a slimmer and longer piece that gets heated and usually is covered by a glass or quartz dome to keep in the vapor.

Both devices work the same way. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to dab.

  1. Use the dabbing tool to scoop a pea-size amount of oil on the tip. 
  2. Have this ready next to your rig.
  3. Take your torch and heat up the banger or nail until it turns red.
  4. Turn off the torch and place it on the table.
  5. If you are using a nail with a dome cover, then place the cover on the nail.
  6. Immediately place the oil onto the bottom of the banger or nail while placing your mouth on the mouthpiece.
  7. Inhale the vapor as you move the dabber tool in a circular motion to remove all of the oil.

You will notice that you will only need to take one hit of the rig to feel high. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

How to Use a Vape Pen?

If you want a simpler way to know how to do dabs then you might want to explore vape pens. 

They come in many different styles, some require an oil cartridge while others contain a heated coil for dabbing. 

If you get a pen that comes with cartridges then you don't have to worry about dabbing (placing the oil in the pen), but you also are limited with your choices of concentrates. You will have to buy oil made just for that pen style.

Pens with atomizers and coils work like rigs except there is no torch heating involved. You simply place the dab on the coil like a banger or nail and press a button to heat the pen using its battery.

There are options with coiled pens such as temperature settings, but this is easy to adjust.

Benefits of Dabbing

Now that you know how to dab shatter, oil, and hash you can now reap the benefits of concentrate. 

Smoking cannabis in an extracted form is considered to be a healthier option. You aren't smoking the plant's leaves, just the extract, so there are fewer carcinogens. 

You also are vaping rather than smoking using a lighter. This means you aren't inhaling the butane from the lighter. 

Since oils are concentrated doses of cannabis, you end up smoking less than with flower. This saves you money and time.

Get Started With Dabbing

Even if you don't have a rig or dabbing tools yet, you can figure out how to smoke dabs without them.

Place some oil on top of your bowl of flower or sprinkle some kief in a joint. These methods work well while you're waiting for your pen or rig to arrive. 

While buying your dabbing tools, add some cannabis accessories to your shopping list.

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