Higher Education: Using a Dugout One Hitter for the First Time

420 Mile High, How To Use A Dugout One Hitter -

Higher Education: Using a Dugout One Hitter for the First Time

Higher Education: Using a Dugout One Hitter for the First Time

Simply High: How to Use a Dugout One Hitter

Wondering how to use a dugout one hitter? Click here to learn what you should do when you use this awesome kind of marijuana pipe.

Are you taking your greens to go?

A dugout design is easier than pre-rolling joints or blunts, and more convenient than carrying multiple marijuana accessories with you. Plus, it's one of the most discreet options for smoking, and perfect for travel.

A one hitter is also ideal for smokers who want to enjoy just a hit or two without burning a whole bowl. It's an economical option, and a great way to control your high.

If you've never smoked from one, you might be wondering how to use a dugout one hitter. Keep reading for our top tips to enjoying a simple, stress-free smoking experience. 

The Setup Explained

A marijuana dugout one hitter has two primary parts.

The dugout is a stash box meant to hold your herb on one side and a one hitter pipe on the other. You should always grind weed well before funneling it into the dugout. This extra step helps it smoke evenly and avoids sticking or clumping in the stash box.

A one hitter pipe uses a straight design with an ultra-small bowl, hence its name. It slides into your dugout's compartment for easy storage when not in use. This enclosed design also keeps ash and resin out of your pockets.

Your weed dugout one hitter might also come with a poker. This small stick is used for cleaning the bowl and stem of your pipe to help you avoid clogging.  

How to Use a Dugout One Hitter

Now that you know the basic parts of your pot dugout one hitter, you're ready to start smoking.

Keep in mind; you should always test new smoking accessories at home before using them in public. And, make sure you know where you can legally get high before you travel with marijuana.

Start with a loaded stash box and an empty one hitter. Next, push your bowl down into the stashed herb and twist gently. This motion will fill it with bud. Don't press too hard, or you'll cause clogging.

Take a few hits to get a feel for exactly how big your bowl is, and how much smoke you get with each inhale. Once the bowl is empty, use your poker to push any ash and resin out before storing it. 

Tips and Tricks

For the best smoking experience, you'll want to keep all parts of your dugout one hitter clean. Don't forget to use your poker after smoking, and clean your one hitter frequently to avoid clogging. 

You'll also want to use your poker to scrape and stir the herb in your stash-box. Over time it can become sticky and solidified. The stuff stuck in these corners is also a great place to scrounge up a hit or two when you think you've run out of weed!

Always double-check that both sides of your dugout are completely closed before storing it. That way, you won't lose any of its parts or pieces. This seal also helps hide the smell of weed and keeps your stash safe.  

Ready, Set, Smoke! 

By now, you should have a solid understanding of how to use a dugout one hitter. So, you're ready to get smoking.

If you're shopping for your first rig, be sure to pick a model that feels sturdy. Avoid any setup with flimsy feeling parts and pieces. They'll wear out and break quickly.

Opt for a bowl and stash-box size that holds the right amount of greens for you, but are still easy to store and carry. And, choose a durable material like wood or metal over plastic.

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