How To Choose a One Hitter Dugout The 5 Best One Hitter Dugouts

One Hitter Dugout -

How To Choose a One Hitter Dugout The 5 Best One Hitter Dugouts

Here's how to choose a one hitter dugout and see the differences between 5 of them.

A "one hitter dugout" is not a baseball term, although we understand why the mind goes there. One hitters are pipes that allow you to smoke a perfect, one-person amount of weed - one to two hits.

These little guys are great for a fast hit, for a solo sesh, and for use on the go. Let's look at how to use one and 5 great options you could try.

How to Use a One Hitter Dugout

One of the best parts about using a one hitter is its simplicity. They're easy to use and hit for a fast fix. Here are the steps:

1. Grind your favorite flower and pack the "bowl" end of the one hitter with it. Pack it decently tight.

2. Light your bud while sucking into the mouthpiece.

3. Take a nice long inhale. Hold it, let it out, and cough (coughing optional). 

That's it! The perfect one hit so no cannabis is wasted, you get the perfect hit, and you can always go for round two if you need more! 

Now let's look at some our favorite one hitters you can try.

1. Kleen Hit Quartz

If you want the cleanest, more pure flavor out of your one hit, then go for this Kleen Hit option. Made from quartz, this won't give off the taste of metal or chemicals like other materials can. The design of the mouthpiece also allows you to take in the smoke to get the most amount of flavor.

If you want a mobile one, perhaps look elsewhere. This guy is easily breakable, and would likely shatter on the go (unless you got a special carrying case).

2. Mini Black Glass Taster Pipe

This is another one hitter that isn't the most mobile on the list, but the glass material and the overall look of this pipe make it worth it. The taste is a bit different with some metal components, but this guy is affordable, easily concealed, and simple to use.

3. Better Bat

Better Bat comes in a wide range of colors with the main draw being the ease of ejection of the ash. It has a built-in spring that you push like a ballpoint pen to quickly get rid of the ash.

The aluminum material makes it perfect for travel as it doesn't run the risk of shattering like the Black Glass or the Kleen Hit options we just went over.

4. Digger

This is designed to look like a traditional cigarette, which can help with concealment if you want to use it out and about. It also cuts down on one tool with the unique "digger" end piece: it has metal teeth that lets you stab at a nug without having to pull out a grinder.

"Dig" and stab away at the pot until the end is covered in green. Then all you have to do is light up! 

Be careful with those metal teeth though: they could rip and tear at your bag or pocket.

5. Budbat

If you're looking for a tiny bit more than one hit, the Budbat is for you. This guy is a tad bit bigger than the other options, meaning it holds more like 1.5-2 hits. 

It's made of durable metal, so it won't break in your bag or pocket. The added air holes also make for smooth and flavorful hits.

Final Thoughts

Besides getting the best one hitter dugout, you'll want to get a stash bag to keep your new pipe (and your bud) safe, especially if you choose one of the more delicate options. Check out our selection of bags here.

Looking for something a bit more heavy-duty like some info on how to make edibles? We've got you covered. Read our article on edibles here.

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