DIY or Nah: Can I Make a Marijuana Dugout Pipe?

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DIY or Nah: Can I Make a Marijuana Dugout Pipe?

Have you ever wondered whether or not you can DIY a marijuana dugout pipe? Short answer: yes. Click here for the long answer (and some cool ways to make one.)


Most states have legalized weed in some form or another, and some are even realizing how absurd it is to sentence people to years in jail just for selling, or even just having some pot.

All things considered, it's a pretty good time to be a stoner!

As more people turn on to cannabis, not just in the USA, but all over the world, marijuana dugout pipes are becoming an increasingly popular way to smoke. Why?

There are, of course, still plenty of places where it's illegal to smoke pot recreationally—and in some, to smoke it at all. Even in the states where weed is legal for both medical and recreational use, what isn't legal is taking a hit in public...Yeah, technically, even out in the woods!

Still, for a lot of us, it's extremely hard going without. But what about when you're around family, at a party, or at another event where smoking openly isn't possible?

That's exactly the issue dugout pipes aim to fix. 

Not everybody has the ability to purchase pipes and such, though. So, is it possible to make a DIY marijuana dugout? Totally!

Here's all you need to build a pot dugout.

What, Exactly, Is This Thing?

What is a pot dugout, anyways?

It's a box that fits just a small amount of weed—about enough for a single hit, which is why these devices are also called "marijuana dugout one-hitters." Often, there's a small pipe that fits inside the box, and a lid twists on securely to avoid mess and giveaway smells.

Because they're small and self-sealing, they're a great option for discrete smoking.

Gathering Supplies

Thankfully, all the supplies you need are super easy to get and cheap as heck, to boot:

  • You want a little block of wood—as small as a pack of cigs for a traditional-sized piece
  • Get a saw and clamps to hold the wood
  • You'll need a drill, too
  • Grab a screw long enough to go into the bottom, but not all the way through—One made for wood is best.
  • Finally, wear goggles... If you don't care about your eyes, I don't wanna get in trouble, so please put safety first!!

Finally Building Your Marijuana Dugout

Now you can start building! Here are instructions for the cigarette pack-sized version:

Take that little block of wood and cut about a third of the top off, across the short side. Then, drill a hole all the way through both pieces, longways. Make sure the hole's the right size for your screw.

After that, drill a weed reservoir another third of the way through. You gotta leave some wood at the bottom for the screw to go into! Put the screw in, and you can turn the top to open the dugout.

If you want a small pipe—also known as a bat—in your pot dugout one-hitter, add an appropriately-sized hole on the bottom for it.

How It Works

Weed dugout pipes aren't super easy to use at first, if you're used to typical full-size pieces. It is simple, though. Here's the lowdown:

  1. Put some weed in your pipe using a poker to push ground weed down
  2. Twist the top, further packing your bowl—It's not uncommon to use a poker here, too
  3. Light it, and puff away!

Have other questions? Say no more: Read this blog.

For Everything Else You Need

What's a pipe without perfect accessories?

If nothing else, you need a grinder, an ashtray, and tools to keep your DIY marijuana dugout clean, since it can clog.

Of course, you want to accessorize yourself, too! Show off your stoner pride while you take a big hit on your brand-new piece.

Now toke like you mean it!

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