Best Edibles Recipes:  How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil

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Best Edibles Recipes: How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil


Infused coconut oil is another great building block for edible recipes and topical.  With little effort and a few ingredients, you can decarboxylate and infuse your own cannabis into coconut oil. 

Once you have mastered this simple recipe, you will find out that the uses of cannabis coconut oil is endless.  Make your own topical, place in your favorite recipes, make capsules, drinking teas and much more!  Whatever your heart desires!


  • Cheese cloth or strainer
  • Grinder (blenders and coffee grinders are not recommended)
  • Slow cooker, saucepan etc.


  • 1 cup of ground cannabis flower – or less for a potency that is more mild
  • 1 cup of coconut oil


  • Grind your cannabis - do NOT grind into a powder. You can choose to grind the whole plant or just the flower.  *TIP* anything that passes through strainer will end up in your finished product.
  • Combine coconut oil and cannabis into slow cooker, heat on low 4-6 hours, stir occasionally – refrain from scorching. You can use a small amount of water to avoid any burning during this process.  Temperature of the mixture should not exceed 245 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Strain and store oil – do not squeeze the cheesecloth. Discard any remaining material left behind
  • Shelf life for infused cannabis coconut oil is approximately 2 months, and slightly longer if stored in the refrigerator

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