A Lit Birthday Gift: What Are the Best Gifts for Stoners?

Gifts for Stoners -

A Lit Birthday Gift: What Are the Best Gifts for Stoners?

A Lit Birthday Gift: What Are the Best Gifts for Stoners?

Finding a lit birthday gift is essential for your homies. We share some of the absolute best gifts to buy for stoners. Get started today!

Ready to spark up the conversation by talking about the best gifts for stoners? Dope. Here we go. 

It's exciting that most of American culture is finally coming around to the recreational use of marijuana. We should celebrate. What better way to celebrate than giving some groovy smoking gifts? 

Finding a lit birthday gift for your homies is essential. Here are some of the best. 

A Stash Pouch

Some of the best gifts for stoners involve keeping your friends organized.  

If you can do that while looking cool, why not? Who doesn't want to be the coolest cat at the party? The perfect stoner gift is always customizable.

Individuality is important and you'll always be able to choose from multiple designs. Everybody wants a gift that speaks to who they are. Weed pouches will have your friend thanking you with their own stash!

A Nice Weed Mug 

Perfect for the productive stoner. No wake n' bake is complete without a sweet coffee mug to grab before you head out the door. The last thing they want is some generic, "Eat. Laugh. Play." mug to ruin your giftee's day.

Don't be a square. Get them a unique mug that becomes apart of their daily smoke ritual. 

A Cool Weed Hat 

Everybody wants to be stylin' but not everybody knows how. If it's cold, show your stoner giftee the way with a killer beanie. The perfect gifts for stoners revolve around practicality as well as style.  

If it's warm, stick to the fitted hats. Either way, there's nothing cooler than a stoner who looks put together. These hats will turn heads on the street for all of the right reasons. 

A Sweet Time Teller 

Let's face it, our perception of time can get a little skewed when we've been tokin'. It doesn't have to, though. With a sweet clock, you don't have to view time telling as the nagging schedule you have to commit to. 

The whole point to smoking is to relax a little and let go. But if you can't tell the time, smoking can cause some trouble in life. Remind your giftee they have to keep their responsibilities with a cool looking timepiece. Help your friend out. They will be thanking you for saving their job in no time. 

The Bomb T-Shirts 

As previously mentioned, we don't want our stoner friends to be viewed as the out of style stoner. Class up the joint by gifting a clever t-shirt. Your friends will be thanking you for saving their wardrobe. 

Trippy Socks 

I don't know about you, but I love making fashion statements with socks. There's nothing better than knowing even though you have to rock a uniform all day, you can let your freak flag fly underneath your pant legs. With a ton of cool designs to choose from, you're probably best off buying multiple pairs. 

Your sock drawer is meant to be an arsenal of trippiness. Don't let your stoner friend disappoint. 


Some of the best gifts for stoners are the shiniest. 

What stoner doesn't like to accessorize? And what better to accessorize with than jewelry? From earrings to necklaces, bracelets to rings, make sure your giftee has the most stoner bling at the concert. They'll be thanking you later for all of the positive attention they grab. 

Gifts Unite Stoners

The best gifts for stoners are those that are heartfelt and practical. 

Nobody likes the Debbie downer pothead. Don't be that guy. Smoking weed is about connecting with people and feeling good. You can't do that if you're a selfish stoner.  

Toke on with these other great gift ideas!



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