A Happy, Hempy Home: 9 Cool Room Decor Ideas for Weed Lovers

420 Mile High, Cool Room Decor -

A Happy, Hempy Home: 9 Cool Room Decor Ideas for Weed Lovers

A Happy, Hempy Home: 9 Cool Room Decor Ideas for Weed Lovers

You're in love with the bud and you want to make sure everyone knows it. Check out these cool room decor ideas to surround yourself with your passion.

If you want to get a jump start on 420, also known as the unofficial stoner's holiday, we have the best ideas for you. You'll fall in love with these cool room decor ideas for you or your stoner friends. Some of these make perfect gifts and others are simply the accessories any person would enjoy in their home. 

If you're in love with bud and want to uplift your smoking experience even further, check out these products. Or, if you're ready to pay tongue-in-cheek respect to your favorite past time, these are the weed decorations for you! 

Check out these cool room decor ideas to surround yourself with your passion.

1. Weed Scented Candles

What's better than entering a room and having your nostrils filled with the finest weed aromas? For some, the smell of weed is off-putting, but for any stoner, it's the best smell ever. And weed scented candles are sure to set the mood in any room without having to blaze your own supply. 

There are wide varieties of weed scented candles to choose from. There are kush scents that let off that unmistakable, earthy stench blended with calming lavender tones to balance it out. Or you can grab a lemon-scented bud candle that'll have your space smelling like the weed wonderland we all wish we had. 

2. Weed-Printed Mugs

You know the feeling when you pour steaming hot water into your favorite mug? A step up from that would be pouring that hot water into a mug that fully describes you. These weed-printed mugs are sure to be your next favorite mug this year. 

A set of porcelain mugs with various cannabis-inspired prints are ideal for any stoner room decor. They're sure to spark lively and interesting conversations around your coffee table. And depending on your work environment, these fun mugs could be a great conversation starter around the water cooler. 

3. Scent-Controlled Leather Pouches

A cool room decor item that you probably wouldn't expect is these scent-controlled leather pouches. Perfect for on the go or simply as storage space in your room. Not to mention, these are the perfect gift to both yourself and your stoner buddy who likes to keep things under wraps.

With a leather, scent-controlled pouch, you can block the scent of anything tucked inside. You can find them in multiple colors so you can truly coordinate with your interior design. And they make for a great discreet and chic weed accessory. 

4. Weed Stationery

For those of you that are loud and proud about your love for weed, these are the ideal stoner room decorations for you. Some of the images on these stickers were designed with weed-lovers in mind. Others are frankly just cool colors and graphics worthy of any owner!

Now you can adorn your laptop with beautiful decals or write add a quirky sticker to your next than-you note. They're fun for adults who enjoy feeling like children once in a while. Not to mention, your products will highlight your very chill personality!

5. Fun-Looking Ashtrays

If your parents have ever told you that it's nice to share, they probably meant both as a child and as an adult. And what better way to share your bud than to have an inviting ashtray on the table? Adding a piece of this porcelain hardware to your space is one of the best weed decorations to invest in. 

Not only will these lovely tools store your ashes, they'll keep your space clean and clear of excess dirt. You can rest your filtered tips and stray buds in these bad boys. Or you can just keep it on the coffee table for decoration. 

6. Cozy Bean Bag Chairs

Once you've smoked your precious weed, you might be looking for a place to rest your bum. The perfect way is in a deep and cozy bean bag chair with a fun print to match. With so many designs to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your bedroom, living room, or office space. 

7. Bath and Beach Towels

Your stoner room can go outside of the bedroom or living room. Why not buy a bath mat with your favorite strain printed on top? That'll be a great reminder of what time it is!

Or you can buy a weed-printed beach towel and attract the right crowd. Perhaps you're looking for a towel with the right words, highlighting your love of bud. In that case, a nice beach towel in your favorite color (green?) should do the trick.

8. Neon Signs

Weed-related neon signs aren't only fun and beautiful to look at, they make the best stoner room decor for any household. They're bright and they attract the stoner mind into a trance of deep-thought and utter mesmerization. You can find them in multiple colors and shouldn't have an issue coordinating with the color scheme of your space. 

9. Wall Clocks

When anyone enters your space, they should know exactly what time it is. No, we don't mean by how dank your space smells. We mean by your very awesome clock that'll be hanging on the wall!

There are printed clocks with the notorious hemp plant and there are clocks with the popular three numbers — four-twenty. These make amazing gifts for smokers and non-smokers alike. Or you can stock up on different clocks to switch up your interior decor once every few months. 

Get Your Cool Room Decor Today

We're ready to get you supplied with cool room decor for your space today! With plenty of items to choose from, you'll have a blast sifting through our inventory. And if you're looking for something specific, contact us to make a custom item!

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