7 Key Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Getting Medical Marijuana

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7 Key Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Getting Medical Marijuana

7 Key Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Getting Medical Marijuana

Having chronic pain is not the only reason to ask for medical marijuana. Keep reading for 7 key tips for talking to your doctor about getting medical marijuana.

 Globally, anywhere between 182-238 million people consume cannabis. This obviously shows the growing acceptance of marijuana being used for a number of things, including both recreational and medical purposes.

While many states are legalizing this drug and dispensaries sell various products for you to enjoy, you may want to use marijuana to alleviate your ailments. In this case, you're probably interested in getting medical marijuana.

Considering traditional medications such as opioids may cause harmful side effects and addiction, going the green route can be a wonderful alternative. But how do you approach your doctor about this issue?

Here are 7 key tips for talking to your doctor about getting medical marijuana.

1. Do Thorough Research

You may know that marijuana is a natural substance that you can ingest to get high, as well as experience pain relief. But that's not all there is to this plant!

Before you reach out to your doctor about getting some medical marijuana, you want to do your research first. When you can show your GP that you're serious about this and don't just want to get medical marijuana to get high, then they're more likely to take your request seriously.

Consider what conditions you have and then research around that. For example, there are many strains out there, and you want to figure out which are best for what you want to treat.

2. Think About the Different Delivery Methods

Not only are there different strains, but there are different ways for you to get the benefits of cannabis. Due to pop culture, you may already know that people smoke marijuana.

But did you know there are various other ways to get THC in your system? For example, you can eat edibles, that have marijuana infused into them. Or you can use topicals, which would be like creams and ointments that you rub onto your skin.

The more educated you are about the different delivery methods, the better you'll be able to have a conversation with your doctor about the best treatment plan.

3. Discuss CBD Too

You don't necessarily have to get medical marijuana to treat your ailments. THC is the active ingredient that not only gets you high, but also treats pain and inflammation.

Its cousin ingredient is CBD. It's also found in marijuana, but you can also get it from hemp.

CBD also doesn't get you high, but has the same benefits for pain and inflammation. So if you want treatment without cognitive impairment, CBD might be better than THC for you.

Keep your mind open and have a chat with your GP about CBD as well as THC to see what the best option would be for your personal situation.

4. Be Honest

Your physician is there to help you out, and without the proper information, they won't be able to.

They know your medical history and can discuss with you what the best option is for treatment. If you feel like your current medication isn't working and you want to try something that's not as harmful to your body, just say so!

Your doctor is bound to patient-doctor confidentiality, so feel free to have an open conversation with them about your interest in medical marijuana. If you've used it before and truly think it helps with your condition, then mention that as well.

5. Be Serious

Medical professionals aren't stupid; if you're seeking out marijuana for the sole purpose of getting high, they'll know.

Because medical marijuana is regulated, the quality's usually better. It may also be more potent. As a result, many recreational cannabis aficionados seek out the medical grade stuff.

If you're just looking for a better high, this is not a legitimate enough reason for a physician to recommend medical marijuana for you. Make sure you're serious about the subject and are seeking it for the right reasons.

6. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You can only get so far with research. You're not a medical expert, after all.

So when you walk into your doctor's office, let them know you've done your reading up. But also, speak up with your questions and concerns.

See if they have experience recommending medical marijuana to previous patients. If so, then what conditions were they for? If they were for the same ones as yours, then was it effective?

Also, ask about possible side effects, then weigh the benefits with the drawbacks. Compare that with your current treatment plan, and make a decision based on that.

When you work together with your doctor, you'll be able to come up with much more effective ways to manage your health conditions.

7. Always Respect Your Doctor

There's no doubt about it: cannabis is a controversial subject. And even though it's legal in many states already, that doesn't necessarily mean that every doctor within a legal state is in support of medical marijuana.

Surveys show that 76% of doctors approve of medical usage, but that means around 1 out of every 4 doctors doesn't. If you happen to get one who doesn't feel medical marijuana is right for you, respect their opinion.

If you're not happy with their decision and you are adamant about getting medical-grade cannabis, you can always get a second opinion from another physician. Just make sure you treat your original one with respect and don't leave with any hard feelings.

Getting Medical Marijuana Isn't Too Difficult

The key to getting medical marijuana is being upfront and honest with your doctor. These requests aren't out of the ordinary for them, so don't be afraid to have an open discussion about what benefits you can gain from using marijuana.

So long as you're not just going in to seek a better high, you shouldn't have too many problems speaking with your GP about this subject. And if you run into any trouble, it's always good to get a second opinion.

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