7 Essential Weed Hiding Containers To Hide Your Stash

Weed Hiding Containers -

7 Essential Weed Hiding Containers To Hide Your Stash

Hiding your weed from the 5-0 is absolutely essential. Here, we share 7 essential weed hiding containers to hide your weed stash.

Do you find yourself traveling with weed more than you'd like to?

Despite being legal in some areas, no one wants to get pulled over by the police with marijuana in their pockets. That's why we're bringing you our list of the top seven weed hiding containers.

Keep reading to get our best tips on staying safe while transporting your stash.

1. Highlighters or Pens

Are you wondering how to hide weed while you travel? If you're looking for a prompt fix, then any big pen or highlighter will do. Take out the insides and put the good stuff inside.

Be sure to mix your stash pen with a bunch of others to throw off any suspicion.

2. Coffee Ground Containers

The Supreme Court has upheld the plain smell doctrine. The legal theory says that officers who smell marijuana have a right to search a container. They won't need a warrant to conduct the search.

That means you have to be careful about the smell.

The best way to hide weed and its smell is to stash it in some real coffee grounds. Make sure you put your goods in a plastic bag first, though!

3. Tool Diversions

If you're known for carrying around a toolbox, then use those tools to your advantage!

Anything from a screw to a screwdriver can get fitted to become a stash can. As long as your stash is tucked away with your other tools, it will go unnoticed during a search.

4. Travel Coffee Weed Hiding Containers

Hiding your stash in a food or beverage lookalike product can be risky. A trained officer can spot the difference between a real and fake product logo.

There are certain coffee travel cups, though, that can provide a safe diversion.

The travel cups should be very basic so they don't draw suspicion. The cups can also get filled with real coffee, so it makes for a dual purpose weed stash can.

5. Key Fab Stash Box

Key fobs were standard features in 62% of the cars sold in 2018. What better place to store a small stash than an old key fob?

Once it's on your key chain, no one will suspect a thing.

6. Adhesive Tap Light Storage Unit

If an officer is looking through your trunk, they'll likely look for a light to turn on. They'll click the light on and never think twice about it. Why not use this tap light to your advantage?

A tap light storage unit is a great way to hide weed because its unexpected and won't draw suspicion.

7. Consider a Dugout

A one hitter dugout is a compartment for both a small amount of weed and a small pipe. Everything fits together in a tiny compartment, which makes it perfect for traveling.

If you aren't keen on getting one of these secret weed containers, then a dugout may be ideal for you.

Travel Safe, Store Your Stash

While it's best not to have to travel with your weed, it's sometimes necessary. If you find yourself in this situation, then a storage container can give you peace of mind.

Consider one of the above suggestions for your next road trip or journey.

Have you ever crafted creative weed hiding containers to help store your smoke? Do you have any extra tips for your fellow smokers? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the box below.

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