4 Homemade Bong Ideas That Will Spark Your Creativity

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4 Homemade Bong Ideas That Will Spark Your Creativity

4 Homemade Bong Ideas That Will Spark Your Creativity

If you have marijuana but nothing to smoke out of, you can create something out of everyday objects! Spark your creativity with these 4 homemade bong ideas.

 Today, our society is a little less reefer madness and a little more hazy, for both recreational and medical marijuana.

62% of people support the legalization of marijuana. And the increase of marijuana legalization is only sparking the creativity in cannabis users.

Are you the type of marijuana connoisseur who doesn't settle for traditional blunts? If the smell of kush inspires the MacGyver in you, you probably make smoking devices in your spare time.

Need some creative bong ideas? Here are 4 cool homemade bong ideas for a more adventurous smoking sesh, whether alone or with your pals.

1. Fruity Bong

Want some antioxidants with your THC? Take your favorite fruit and craft them into a bong! And seriously, go beyond the apple pipe. Hollow out pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, and other delicious fruit for your fruity bong.

For starters, hollow out two apples, a pineapple, and a watermelon. One apple is used as the bowl piece and the other apple is used as a mouthpiece.

Fill the watermelon with water. Connect the apple that holds the marijuana to the watermelon. Connect the pineapple to the watermelon (you may need to cut down the pineapple in case it's too big).

Connect the mouthpiece apple to the pineapple and you have your fruity bong!

2. Building Block Bong

Did you devote your childhood to building amazing structures with that specific building block toy that we can't mention (we’re sure you know which toy we’re talking about)? Your unique talent will come in handy here.

All you need is a traditional mouthpiece and plenty of building blocks. Build an epic building block bong. But be sure to include a place for the bowl piece.

Fill the appropriate contraption with water. Connect the mouthpiece and you have your building block bong!

3. Bamboo Bong

Eco-friendly is all the rage. Why use a plastic bong when you can harvest what nature provides?

Bamboo is an amazing material for a bong. They make the smoke taste delicious and they're cheap, especially if you live in an area where bamboo grows freely.

However, this is a job for a veteran DIY bongsman/bongswoman. Cutting and hollowing the bamboo will take some dangerous equipment, such as a saw and knife (possible a drill if you can't hollow out the bamboo with a knife).

From here, take a glass bowl piece and mouthpiece and you have your bamboo bong.

4. Mannequin Bong

Are you one of those weird people who has mannequins lying around your house? Put them to good use by creating a bong out of them.

All you need to do is attach the marijuana holder where the mannequin is hollow. You can also fill a separate contraption with water, attach the bowl piece to that contraption, and then attach the mannequin to the water.

So, where's the mouthpiece? On the mannequin’s mouth! Pretty nifty, huh?

Impress Your Friends With These Homemade Bong Ideas

If you don't settle for traditional bongs, a homemade bong is perfect for smoking and for impressing your friends.

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  • Shawn Bell

    What about the coke can ugh 😫 if u have a socket set u can make good bowls out of some of the bigger sizes n also sink full of water n cut bottom off 2 letter n u got a great gravity bong. I’m sure u guys know all this but this was some of the stuff I did growing up thought I would share

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