2020 Weed Trends You Need to Know for Our Century's Roaring 20s

2020 Weed Trends, 420 Mile High -

2020 Weed Trends You Need to Know for Our Century's Roaring 20s

Looking for some trendy ways to smoke weed or bake edibles? Click here to create some roaring fun with the biggest 2020 weed trends.

With marijuana now legal in some capacity in a healthy minority of American states, cannabis culture has never been so prominent. While the law never stood completely in the way of weed lovers, legalization has seen an explosion in the culture in states like California.

With this increased acceptance comes an awareness of weed-related trends. Stoners nowadays are a diverse bunch, so it pays to keep up to date with the latest developments in the cannabis scene, whether it's new products, cannabis-themed merchandise, or campaigns.

Read on as we look at the biggest 2020 weed trends.

An Increased Emphasis on Federal Law Reform

Deregulation of both medical and recreational marijuana at the state level has been hugely important to the cannabis community. However, another bridge remains to be crossed.

Marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance by the federal government. This makes it more difficult for growers and distributors to operate.

It also has huge implications for scientists who wish to carry out important research on cannabis. The Schedule 1 status makes it much more difficult to organize and fund large-scale studies.

Now that the tide is turning on legal marijuana at a state level, expect to see campaigners turn their attention to the federal government. Keep a close eye on the presidential candidates who promise to reform federal cannabis laws!

Increased Diversity in Terms of Dosing Options

Once upon a time, "good" weed was stuff that would get you higher, faster. Everyone wanted product that looked good, smelled fresh, felt sticky, and sent you to a different planet after just one hit.

Growing methods nowadays are a lot more refined. This means that cannabis with high levels of THC is readily available in every dispensary.

While that's great, it isn't for everyone. For newbies to the world of cannabis, or those who just feel like having a smoke without getting extraordinarily high, other options are now on the market.

Strains with higher ratios of CBD to THC are becoming popular, as are edibles with milder effects.

CBD-Infused Everything

Speaking of CBD, it's going to be one of the biggest 2020 weed trends.

CBD has already been put into almost everything imaginable, from coffee to lip balm. As people become more aware of its range of natural benefits, these kinds of products are going to start popping up everywhere.

A huge part of this trend will be its transition into the mainstream. Once upon a time, CBD products would only be found in dusty head stores. Nowadays, all kinds of CBD-infused goods appear in regular malls and stores, especially in states that allow recreational use.  

2020 Weed Trends: Will You Be in the Know?

As you can see, cannabis is only going from strength to strength. The biggest 2020 weed trends share a common theme; they all involve the movement of marijuana into the mainstream.

Cannabis is no longer perceived as being only for giggling college kids and layabouts. Weed can and should be enjoyed by everyone!

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