12 Dope Marijuana Necklaces to Wear in 2020

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12 Dope Marijuana Necklaces to Wear in 2020

 In 2025, legal marijuana sales are predicted to reach as much as $23 billion.

More people are smoking weed than ever before — not only are more states legalizing marijuana, but there are more consumption options and weed quality has never been better.

Do you love smoking weed and want to show off your love of the ganja? There are many fashionable weed-themed accessories to rock, such as marijuana necklaces.

From the classic pot leaf to subtle and feminine weed-themed pieces, there are many marijuana necklace styles to feel like it’s 4/20 year-round!

Here are the 12 best marijuana necklaces that we offer.

Why You Should Buy Our Marijuana Necklaces?

You can buy a marijuana necklace just about anywhere. But why wear one of ours? Most marijuana necklaces look the same. The stoner scene is changing and not all weed users have the same fashion preferences. 

This is why we offer a little bit of everything. From streetwear-inspired marijuana leaf pendants that are seriously trending to feminine and sophisticated marijuana necklaces, you can surely find a necklace that you will love.

Also, our products are high-quality. We only use the strongest metals such as stainless steel and choose a gold or silver coating or plating that won’t tarnish, fade, or change color.

The 2020 Marijuana Necklaces You Need in Your Life

There are some serious weed necklace trends going on now. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are the best marijuana necklace styles that we offer!

1. Weed Leaf Aroma and Pendant Necklace

What’s an easy way to make a weed necklace better? Add an essential oil! If you toked up all day and have to leave the house, you don’t want to smell like weed, right?

This necklace features an essential oil aroma diffuser, masking the marijuana scent and leaving you smelling nice.

All you have to do is drop your essential oil on one of the pads. You can choose between solid-colored and glitter pads.

The necklace features a green marijuana leaf encircled by a gem-lined border. The pendant is one inch in diameter and is made of stainless steel.

2. Weed Leaf Carved Pendant Necklace

Compared to other necklace types, a carved pendant offers an authentic look. That’s exactly what this weed leaf carved necklace will offer. 

This is by far one of the most versatile necklaces we offer; it will match with any outfit and is perfect for both guys and girls. Because of this, it also makes the perfect gift!

The necklace is lightweight and the rope is adjustable. The back of the pendant is plain black, so you can easily turn the necklace around if you need to hide the weed leaf.

3. Weed Leaf Pendant and Necklace

If you’re looking for a statement weed necklace, look no further than this one! This pendant features an intricate weed leaf set in stainless steel that’s colored gold. The chain is also gold, making this necklace a true show-stopper.

This is a great necklace for those in the hip hop style, stoners who love streetwear, and anyone else who wants to draw attention to their weed necklace.

The chain is 27.5 inches long and the necklace weighs 58 grams. The pendant is 2.7 inches long and 1.9 inches wide.

4. Weed Leaf Resin Pendant Necklace

No, this pendant isn’t made with leftover resin caked up in a bowl. Resin is a type of epoxy that makes jewelry more durable. The pendant is a marijuana leaf made of a bezel that’s hardened with the resin.

The weed leaf is white against a black background and the necklace itself is lightweight, perfect to wear on casual days.

The necklace comes with a black rope that’s adjustable (though the length does fall between 18 and 32 inches). The pendant is 3.3 x 3.3 inches and is surrounded by two brown beads.

5. 24K Gold Plated Weed Leaf Pendant Necklace

If you truly want to be fancy, we offer an exquisitely carved weed leaf covered in 24K gold!

This necklace is ideal to wear for special occasions but is also perfect for daily wear. It's also perfect to wear for a night out, whether you’re hanging with friends or are at your favorite weed event.

This necklace also makes the perfect gift, especially if you’re buying this for your significant other. This pendant includes a 20-inch gold chain. Keep in mind, we’re currently sold out of this necklace for the time being, so watch our site for it to come back in stock.

6. Weed Leaf Charm and Necklace

Are you looking for a weed charm? Do you want to create a unique charm necklace? If so, you’ll love this necklace featuring a silver marijuana leaf pendant.

The pendant has a vintage design and is silver with black engravings. The pendant is silver-plated, so it’s exquisite yet durable.

This weed leaf charm is perfect for daily and casual wear. The charm is only 1" x 1", so it’s subtle enough for all occasions. It also makes the perfect gift. The charm comes on a black rope, though you can switch it out.

7. Marijuana Leaf Spinning Pendant and Necklace

This spinning marijuana leaf pendant necklace is one of the most unique necklaces we offer! If you love the hip hop and streetwear style then this necklace is for you.

The pendant’s interior (the weed leaf portion) spins as if it was a spinner rim on your wheels!

This necklace is stylish, featuring different gems and carvings. You can choose between a silver pendant with a gold weed leaf, all gold or all silver.

The necklace is made of a zinc alloy and weighs 136 grams. The pendant is 2.5 x 2.5 inches. The chain is 31.5 inches long.

8. Iced Out Rhinestone Marijuana Weed Leaf Charm Necklace

If you want your weed necklace with plenty of bling, you’ll love this necklace! Several rhinestones cover a carved marijuana pendant.

You can choose between a gold or silver pendant. The leaves are also colored green, making this one of the most unique marijuana pendants out there.

This necklace is perfect if you love streetwear or if you just want a stylish marijuana necklace that makes a statement. The pendant is 1.77 inches wide by 1.92 inches tall. The pendant comes with a 24 inch or 30-inch chain.

9. Vintage Weed Leaf Pendant Necklace

If you’re a stoner who loves vintage fashion, you’ll love this vintage-inspired weed leaf necklace.

The pendant is made of high polished stainless steel. You can choose the pendant in either gold or silver color. Both colors feature a detailed black engraving that makes the pendant look realistic.

Both necklaces are perfect for daily and casual wear.

This necklace is ideal for everyone and makes a great gift. The necklace weighs 10.3 grams. It comes with either a gold or silver chain (depending on the color you choose) and the chain is 24 inches long.

10. CZ Round Pendant and Weed Necklace

This is another great bling necklace and you’ll want to wear this one all the time! You’ll be the envy of all of your stylish stoner friends when they see you rocking this necklace.

This necklace features a round pendant with a carved marijuana leaf, adorned with CZ jewels. CZ stands for cubic zirconia. It’s a man-made stone that has a similar shine and clarity as a diamond.

The pendant is gold and features a 30-inch gold chain. The necklace weighs 35 grams and the pendant is 1.57 grams in diameter.

11. Engraved Silver Heart Weed Necklace

If you’re looking for a subtle yet girly necklace, we got you! This necklace features a heart-shaped pendant with an engraved weed leaf. The marijuana leaf is subtly carved, resulting in a more sophisticated necklace.

The pendant is made of sterling silver and has many coating options, including yellow gold, rose gold, and white rhodium coating. The chain color matches the color of the pendant. The pendant size is 0.69'' x 0.79'' and is 0.02” thick.

This necklace makes a great gift for a wonderful woman in your life. The pendant and chain are all nickel-free.

12. 420 Weed Leaf Necklace

If you’re just looking for a simple weed necklace, you’ll love our classic 420 weed necklace. This necklace features a simple carved marijuana leave pendant.

The pendant is made of stainless steel and you can choose either a silver or gold-colored necklace.

You can wear this daily and for any occasions where the ganja calls. The stainless steel is powerful and the color will not darken, fade, or overall lose its color. This necklace is perfect for all stoners and also makes a great gift.

Order the Best Marijuana Necklaces Today

Marijuana necklaces are the best way to show off your love for the ganja. Are you looking for a new weed necklace? If so, we sell a variety of stylish marijuana necklaces.

Not only are our weed necklaces trending but they’re high-quality and will last for years.

Are you ready to shop for your new marijuana leaf necklace? Shop our full collection today!

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